Client TeamSpeak 3 - Mobile

TeamSpeak 3 - Mobile

  1. quickwick

    quickwick Member

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  2. Dracoy

    Dracoy New Member

    Android 6.0.1 - CyanogenMOD 13.
    The app always crash and close.
    "TeamSpeak 3 stop".
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  3. quickwick

    quickwick Member

    Is that as soon as you run it or after some time?
  4. Dracoy

    Dracoy New Member

    It's like a 2 seconds after open.
    Only the black screen opens, and then comes the crash message.
  5. pepino

    pepino New Member

    Same here with cm13 6.0.1
    Btw it is instantcrash, video is a bit laggy due recording.
  6. Dracoy

    Dracoy New Member

    It is the same on my phone.
  7. quickwick

    quickwick Member

    Trying to work on a fix
  8. Wapor

    Wapor New Member

    Same here.
    "TeamSpeak 3 stop"
  9. Przemekb88

    Przemekb88 New Member

    Works fine ;)
  10. TakaraHD

    TakaraHD New Member

    Nexus 5 running Android Marshmallow (above 6.0) Just crashes. Don't have my CM12 to text on atm.
  11. Nikellas

    Nikellas New Member

    Thank fo this stuff :) It's awesome!
  12. skidrush

    skidrush New Member

    Its written critical payment error how to fix this ?
  13. mohammadhitman

    mohammadhitman New Member

    please fix it for android 6
  14. tyty21

    tyty21 New Member

    Works just fine for me. Thank you :)
  15. xBrockiHD

    xBrockiHD New Member

    please fix it for android 6
  16. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributing Member

    To be honest a lot of stuff don't work on Android 6.0+, that's why I'm sticking to 5.x anyway.
  17. kalle

    kalle Member

    Yep, I agree with u!
  18. Erdinc

    Erdinc New Member

    yea i agree my phone says ts3 stopped
  19. Kr4sik

    Kr4sik New Member

    Yeah, it crashes on 6.0.1.
  20. why dont you use the r4p3 version?
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