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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by LeU5er, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Protein

    Protein VIP

    My TS3 server are crashing every 2 hours with AccountingServer, i tried to change name of the file to another (because maybe my host are blocking the name of the file) and nothing still same.
  2. DreamoxDE

    DreamoxDE New Member

    Hallo i have a problem. I have the windows script and my TS lubricates exactly every 2 hours? Can anyone help me?
  3. LeU5er

    LeU5er Security Researcher VIP

    There's a new update, try this: https://r4p3.net/resources/teamspeak-server-crack-3-0-13-7-with-accounting-emulator.64/
  4. Pattax

    Pattax New Member

    Is there a way to get a cracked NP-Licensefile from you guys? This would look more legit, I'm just too lazy to request a real npl. :D
  5. 6xPink

    6xPink Trial Moderator

    @Pattax If you have access to VIP you can get the patched binaries which will make it look like a real Non-Profit license

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