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Discussion in 'Downloads and Information' started by Joxiii, May 15, 2016.

  1. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

    Please tell not why you can´t download please tell me what you can´t download ;)
  2. Giovanni Ruta

    Giovanni Ruta Member

    What are difference between:
    • With accounting emulator
    • Without accounting emulator
    • Without emulator for Legit License
    • Without emulator Auto License
  3. yankor

    yankor New Member

    • With accounting emulator = is for every registered user in this forum.
    • Without accounting emulator = for VIP users in this forum only.
    • Without emulator for Legit License = for VIP users in this forum only.
    • Without emulator Auto License = for VIP users in this forum only.
    @Giovanni Ruta
  4. Giovanni Ruta

    Giovanni Ruta Member

    NOOOOO!!!! Seriously??!!?!?!. i know man -.-
    I would like to know the difference not if is for vip or not ...
  5. yankor

    yankor New Member

    Well, the first one requires an accounting emulator to run, 2,3 and 4 not :p

    So, 2,3 and 4 have patched binaries. That means they don't need the emulator like the first one. Which is maybe a bit more safe from getting blacklisted?

    4. Linux & Windows
    3. is window
    2. is linux
    1. with emulator

    (I guess from reading the links lel :D)

  6. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    • With accounting emulator - Needs the Emulator... Which is errorprone and crashy currently And ofc needs an extra application to run
    • Without accounting emulator - Just doesnt need the Emulator. Dont know much about that one though.. I guess it does the same as the Emulator one by showing ATHP license. Made by @ehthe
    • Without emulator for Legit License - Circumvents the connection to the Accounting Server but still needs a license. But it doesnt have to be a working license.. For example licenses that were blocked by teamspeak because someone shared the publicly. Made by @ehthe
    • Without emulator Auto License - This is a fully "Nulled" crack. Not needing Accounting Server nor License. It automatically determines the Displayed license according to the number of Slots on the current Server. Intention is to create as low suspicion as possible.. for example if you are hosting a dozen of 32 slot Server it only displays "No License". So no-one can Report you for using a cracked ATHP license.. Because its not showing that to anyone. Made by @dedmen
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  7. Haxxthe

    Haxxthe Contributor

    3.0.13 is out :b
  8. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

    now edited :p
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  9. jezz22

    jezz22 Member

    Which version of all the VIP is the best atm?

    Speaking about Security/Performance...:rolleyes:
  10. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

    All VIP releases are good but i think the best is : Without emulator Auto License from @dedmen ^^ very stable no crashes and very safe because the license change^^
  11. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    Though you have to admit I'm still not on 3.0.13. And i think i wont do my next release before
  12. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

    12.4 is stable so no problem i dont need the ipv6
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  13. I cant download it >> :(
  14. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

  15. 3rKaN_BRATTE

    3rKaN_BRATTE New Member

    • Read before posting.
    I need help my server is shuting down after about a hour use .....
  16. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

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  17. schlemder

    schlemder New Member

    And what is: Without emulator outdated licenses: ?
  18. Joxiii

    Joxiii VIP

    Updated Links for
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  19. Core dumped) how i resolve it?
  20. farhad

    farhad New Member

    my vip account has beeen finished.
    so when the public version of cracked 13.1 will be released?

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