Client TeamSpeak 3 - v3.1.15 (iOS) (Latest) (Cracked)

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What is your opinion in this release?

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  1. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    Hello users,
    Today i am going to provide you the very latest Teamspeak 3 Client Version for iOS :)

    You need to register to view spoilers!

    You need to register to view spoilers!

    About the installation you will need the jail break installed!
    The application was tested on a friend's phone and succesfully worked.
    Phone Information: iPhone 6 Plus with iOS ver.9

    When you start the application sometimes it will say there is an update! Just skip this message and continue!

    If you need anything or you have any questions feel free to message me!

    Enjoy it!
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  2. Is jailbreak needed?
  3. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    @Gonçalo Santos well, i thought yes as my friend had it on his phone!
    But no! it's necessary to have it! :)
  4. Magic

    Magic Member

    Is that yes or no....
  5. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    My friend had it on his phone, but when I asked him he told me that it's not required to have it!
  6. NathanHatesSteam

    NathanHatesSteam New Member

    but ios doesn't let you install non app store stuff without a jail brake so how are you even meant to get it on there?
  7. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    As i already said in my first post, it was tested on a friends phone and i don't have an iPhone and don't know how to use it, i typed it's not required (as he told me)!
    If you say it is needed, then it's needed!
    I am sorry for that mess! ( i will mention it in the main post)!
  8. smadici

    smadici New Member

    can someone put a tutorial for the ios version because i ahve some problems on instaling it on my phone
  9. mgrm47

    mgrm47 New Member

    The Download link does not work
  10. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

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  11. Jailbreak does not spoil the iPhone?
  12. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Super Mod

    as i said in the first post, the application was tested on a friend's phone as i don't have an iphone.
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  13. RSX

    RSX Member

    That's no longer the case. one just needs to sign it with their 7 day certificate
  14. RSX

    RSX Member

    Ye, it works.
    Itunes is too slow right now so I can't exactly prove that I don't already own it :/
  15. Xz0ne

    Xz0ne New Member

  16. RSX

    RSX Member

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