Outdated TeamSpeak 3 Webinterface by Psychokiller

Discussion in 'Tools' started by cananon1, May 27, 2015.

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  1. cananon1

    cananon1 Active Member

    This Webinterface for Ts3 have many functions to Administrate your Server in your Browser.

    • Login
    • Multi instance using

    • Server List
    • Server Create
    • Instance Edit
    • Instance Traffic
    • Send message function to all Server or to one Server
    • Server Start/Stop/Delete
    • Server View
    • Interactive features to Poke/Kick/Ban/Move Online Player on the Server Viewer
    • Mass Mover
    • File Browser on the Server Viewer
    • Server Traffic
    • Server Edit
    • Icon Upload
    • Log Viewer

    • Channel List
    • Channel View
    • Channel Edit
    • Channel Create
    • Channel Delete

    • Channel Edit Permissions

    • Client Counter
    • Client List
    • Client Delete
    • Client Edit Permissions
    • Channel Client Edit Permissions
    • Complain List

    • Ban List
    • Ban Add

    • Server Group List
    • Server Group Rename
    • Server Group Clients
    • Server Group Add
    • Server Group Delete
    • Server Group Edit Permissions

    • Channel Group List
    • Channel Group Rename
    • Channel Group Clients
    • Channel Group Add
    • Channel Group Delete
    • Channel Group Edit Permissions

    • Token List
    • Token Create
    • Token Delete

    • Channel Backups
    • Server Backups
    • Permission Export
    • Clients Export
    • Bans Export

    • Query Console

    To Do:

    • Data Cleaner to delete old clients and other things
    • Update the Interactive function with new futures

    Have fun with it!

    Download link http://addons.teamspeak.com/directory/addon/download/Teamspeak-3-Webinterface-by-Psychokiller.html

    how to setup

    Add the Ip from your webserver into the query_ip_whitelist.txt on the "TS3 Server" folder!


    Unzip all files on a Webserver!

    Edit the config.php with the correct data!


    Set the folder icons, temp, templates_c, site/backups and all subfolders from backups chmod 777


    Open the index.php with your Browser!

    Login with the Query Login Account Data!


    setup config like

    $cfglang = "en"; //Language German = de, English = en, Netherlandish=nl (by pd1evl), French = fr (by supra63200)

    $duration = "100"; //Set the Limit for Clients show per Page on Client List

    $fastswitch=true; //If true you can switch the Server on the header

    $showicons="left"; //Define the position where the icons on the Viewer will show left or right

    $style="new"; //Chose your design set 'new' for the default design or the name of your own create design

    $msgsend_name="Webinterface"; //This Name will be show if you send a message to a Server

    $show_motd=true; // Set it to false to not show the message of the day window

    $show_version=true; // Set it to false to not show the Webinterface Version on the footer

    $server[0]['alias']= "Server name";
    $server[0]['ip']= ""; IP
    $server[0]['tport']= 10011; Qurry port
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    TeamCatBeef Member

    All i want is TS Exploit's & TS Hacks XD, Nice doe!
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  3. cananon1

    cananon1 Active Member

  4. TeamCatBeef

    TeamCatBeef Member

    Then post Exploits for the new VRS of TS & Try to make/find working TS Hacks :)!
  5. Alex04

    Alex04 New Member

    Work on Ubunut 16.04. ?
  6. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    This is a PHP script/site ....
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  9. dange

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    hi guys any one can help me?
  10. InVaDeR359

    InVaDeR359 Member

    I don't want to bump this thread but I'm actually searching for a ts3 webinterface to help my self administrate my server from phone. Since the link is broken, could anyone upload it or provide me with a valid link to download this ts3 wi :)
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