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Outdated TeamSpeak 3 Webinterface by Psychokiller

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This Webinterface for Ts3 have many functions to Administrate your Server in your Browser.

  • Login
  • Multi instance using

  • Server List
  • Server Create
  • Instance Edit
  • Instance Traffic
  • Send message function to all Server or to one Server
  • Server Start/Stop/Delete
  • Server View
  • Interactive features to Poke/Kick/Ban/Move Online Player on the Server Viewer
  • Mass Mover
  • File Browser on the Server Viewer
  • Server Traffic
  • Server Edit
  • Icon Upload
  • Log Viewer

  • Channel List
  • Channel View
  • Channel Edit
  • Channel Create
  • Channel Delete

  • Channel Edit Permissions

  • Client Counter
  • Client List
  • Client Delete
  • Client Edit Permissions
  • Channel Client Edit Permissions
  • Complain List

  • Ban List
  • Ban Add

  • Server Group List
  • Server Group Rename
  • Server Group Clients
  • Server Group Add
  • Server Group Delete
  • Server Group Edit Permissions

  • Channel Group List
  • Channel Group Rename
  • Channel Group Clients
  • Channel Group Add
  • Channel Group Delete
  • Channel Group Edit Permissions

  • Token List
  • Token Create
  • Token Delete

  • Channel Backups
  • Server Backups
  • Permission Export
  • Clients Export
  • Bans Export

  • Query Console

To Do:

  • Data Cleaner to delete old clients and other things
  • Update the Interactive function with new futures

Have fun with it!

Download link
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

how to setup

Add the Ip from your webserver into the query_ip_whitelist.txt on the "TS3 Server" folder!


Unzip all files on a Webserver!

Edit the config.php with the correct data!


Set the folder icons, temp, templates_c, site/backups and all subfolders from backups chmod 777


Open the index.php with your Browser!

Login with the Query Login Account Data!


setup config like

$cfglang = "en"; //Language German = de, English = en, Netherlandish=nl (by pd1evl), French = fr (by supra63200)

$duration = "100"; //Set the Limit for Clients show per Page on Client List

$fastswitch=true; //If true you can switch the Server on the header

$showicons="left"; //Define the position where the icons on the Viewer will show left or right

$style="new"; //Chose your design set 'new' for the default design or the name of your own create design

$msgsend_name="Webinterface"; //This Name will be show if you send a message to a Server

$show_motd=true; // Set it to false to not show the message of the day window

$show_version=true; // Set it to false to not show the Webinterface Version on the footer

$server[0]['alias']= "Server name";
$server[0]['ip']= ""; IP
$server[0]['tport']= 10011; Qurry port


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I don't want to bump this thread but I'm actually searching for a ts3 webinterface to help my self administrate my server from phone. Since the link is broken, could anyone upload it or provide me with a valid link to download this ts3 wi :)
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