TeamSpeak 3 whmcs module error

Discussion in 'Server' started by Mehmet GÜn, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Mehmet GÜn

    Mehmet GÜn New Member

  2. X-Ecutioner

    X-Ecutioner Contributor

    I use this module for my website pro ;)
    You have buy this module or nulled ?
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  3. Next

    Next Restricted

    @memet Gun , simply go to "Servers" and on IP field Put



    Default Query port: 10011

    I hope i helped you
  4. X-Ecutioner

    X-Ecutioner Contributor

    That right ;)
  5. buthead

    buthead New Member

    Seems a good thing, how can u start using it?
    I guess whmcs is not free?

  6. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Head Moderator TS3 Dev-Team WebApp Dev-Team

    I can provide you a link for a nulled whmcs, this however is not our focus (which would be security research).
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  7. Next

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    @Supervisor. I have Latest WHMCS nulled, with theme plugins and more, You want i do a thread? If you put me vip i will publish interesting Article
  8. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Head Moderator TS3 Dev-Team WebApp Dev-Team

  9. Mehmet GÜn

    Mehmet GÜn New Member

  10. Next

    Next Restricted

    you have to put an hostname, you can create a free hostname at OR You can provide me your ip in private and i can assign you a custom Domain
  11. rocky

    rocky New Member

    Can any one tell me a free
    TeamSpeak 3 whmcs module WEB SITES
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  12. Baptiste

    Baptiste New Member

    I have the same problem, help plz !
    love u <3
  13. Ninjadabike

    Ninjadabike New Member

    You need to unlock the ip where is located the ts3 server, the operator that provides service to you have to do it
  14. Shnepsey

    Shnepsey New Member

    Same problem, any solution for this?
  15. Ninjadabike

    Ninjadabike New Member

    The configuration is correct, you need to ask the provider where the whmcs to release the ip of your virtual machine VPS
  16. jeje031

    jeje031 New Member

    for me error : Error: No free ports available
    Creation not possible, help me please
  17. mohamedfakry

    mohamedfakry New Member

    you use cpanel blazingfast
  18. jeje031

    jeje031 New Member

    No i'm using DirectAdmin Only.
    No Firewall :)
  19. MadKill

    MadKill Active Member

    use whmcs

    Now, go to server configure

    ip: port
    Select teamspeak3 addon,


    After go to

    and cfg » Teamspeak 3
    Teamspeak 3 voip povisioning module

    Minimum Port 9988 Minimum port range
    Maximum Port 10000 Maximum port range

    if you have vps remember unlock doors if there are close.

    If i help say, if have question ask.

    Sorry my eng, but im portuguese :D
  20. jeje031

    jeje031 New Member

    Humm is succesful,
    my older configuration port is :

    min : 9990
    Max : 10020

    I do not understand why it was not working

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