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Client TeamSpeak Bot 0.3.2

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Kaptan647 submitted a new resource:

TeamSpeak Bot [v0.3.2] - TeamSpeak Bot [v0.3.2]

Hello R4P3 family. Today we are releasing our Teamspeak bot publicly. REMEMBER: THIS IS A BETA VERSION AND THERE MAY BE SOME BUGS. If you encounter one of this bugs, please report us so we can fix them ASAP. We made licensing system. Those who got license(vips) can use all of the features of this bot and those dont have it can still use it but there will be some restrictions. Because of this license system we did have to confuse the .exe (that means a few false positives on virustotal). You...
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I only looked into it for 5 mins and changed some code, I was hoping to fix it - I'll look into it in more detail tomorrow.
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