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Discussion in 'Downloads and Information' started by Supervisor, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Supervisor

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    This thread is only for discussion/support. Click here if you want the crack!

    Ask all your questions regarding the TeamSpeak Server crack here.
    Latest version:

    Tips for troubleshooting:
    You need to register to view spoilers!
    You need to register to view spoilers!
    You need to register to view spoilers!
    You need to register to view spoilers!
    You need to register to view spoilers!

    If you do have any problems running on Linux, make sure you run the most up to date scriptversion.
    When posting your question, also make sure you include the according ts3server_0.log -> we cannot help you without.

    This thread is only for discussion/support. Click here if you want the crack!
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  2. Wrath X

    Wrath X Member


    I did not use the script, is that important ? or just for make it easy ?
  3. 0x0539

    0x0539 Super Mod

    You can install manually, the script is just for the lazy people that prefer to press 3 to 10 keys to install it.
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  4. dino94

    dino94 Member

  5. I3lury

    I3lury New Member

    Hello! I'm using the crack now on ver. and if i use your crack checker it say's the server is cracked. Obvious i know. But when i close the Accounting Emulator, the Server still works and does not instantly shut down. Your crack checker tells then, that the server is not cracked. Will there be any problems this way? Will the server shut down?
  6. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributor

    If the Accounting Emulator is not running then the server will shutdown, yes. The crack checker only checks if port 2008 is open. In the automatic script by supervisor there is an option called anti-crack that will make your crack checker says it's valid.
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  7. I3lury

    I3lury New Member

    I don't see a script for Windows... Maybe you can help me?
    Which file is it?
  8. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributor

    I've never used the windows version so I don't know. Maybe someone else can help you.
  9. cypher

    cypher New Member

    Is this even working? I'm starting Teamspeak using the cracked files and the Accounting emulator but it still says it cannot find the license or it's invalid.
    I'm still using the MariaDB database from an older installation of Teamspeak, can that be the issue?
  10. CoupDetat

    CoupDetat New Member

    i open the emulator and server.. but still after 2 hours.. the server closed. But the old version of crack, i didn't have problem at all. tried the 12.3 and 12.4 cracked version. All close after 2 hours even emulator still open. Did i forget something?
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  11. I3lury

    I3lury New Member

    Include your logs. Else noone can help you.
  12. CoupDetat

    CoupDetat New Member

    Server Log
    You need to register to view spoilers!

    It seems, the accounting emulator didn't working properly on my windows. Already run it as admin as well.
  13. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Super Mod TS3 Dev-Team

    @CoupDetat please post your hosts file. Its in C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
  14. Leoguy77

    Leoguy77 New Member

    hey, how can i select a NPL license instead of an ATHP license? cause i dont need that much slots, i just need a NPL license
  15. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Super Mod TS3 Dev-Team

    This crack only provides a ATHP license. You'll have to get VIP go get a cracked NPL license in the VIP forum, though.
  16. panteL

    panteL Restricted

    I have a strange issue, I want to update the server to the newest version and it works fine.. Now i want to start the server and it works also fine but when I try to connect to the server it's not working... I Yatqua it shows me wrong file path when I try to start the virtual instances.. I have no logs because the server starts fine and no logs were safed. I reinstall the server to and it's working but if I want to update the server again it's not working... I try the same on a other vps and it works fine... Can you help me :)
  17. Derp

    Derp Contributor

    Fix your file permissions
  18. panteL

    panteL Restricted

    Should I update the server with the ts user or with the root user?
  19. Timon

    Timon New Member

    So I'm running two virtual instances on 9987 and 9988. Every week or so I get extreme packet loss for a few hours on the ts3 server with it even disconnecting pretty much all users. The packetloss is not related to the network that this server is hosted on (trust me I know). When I do a local Nmap on the port it either comes up as filtered or closed. The query port and file transfer port is working as it should be with both ports being open. My iptables configuration is exactly the same for the query port as for the voice ports.
    When I scan for listening ports the ts3 process is listening on all ports correctly.

    What is going on? I've been struggling with this issue for weeks and I just can't resolve it.

    Edit: I just learned that voice ports will always come up as filtered. So that's a false positive
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  20. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    The crack is not producing any packetloss because its in no way connected with the Networking mechanics. Are you reaaaaaaaaally sure your network doesnt have Packetloss on UDP? So... Apparently the issue is not on your Server and not in your Network..
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