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  1. xforceteam

    xforceteam New Member

    I tried without the blacklist.teamspeak.com and it seems to crash more frequently without it.
    My server does support ipv6, so this is a pretty good idea. I'll try that.
    I first used this one https://r4p3.net/threads/teamspeak-...-6-accountingserveremulator-license-key.3473/ as I stumbled upon that first, but then to get it perfect I also used this script here as it looks more proffessional and appears to be better, so I am techinically using your crack for teamspeak.

    You're talking about "# optional for webserver" or something? Yeah, I removed that manually. It's just a comment so it doesn't do anything anyway.

    I'll let you know how it went with ipv6 hosts entries later on as there are some people on the server rn.
  2. sTreaKeR

    sTreaKeR New Member

    @xforceteam Test it
    Host file, do it firts, then restart: accounting.teamspeak.com backupaccounting.teamspeak.com blacklist.teamspeak.com ipcheck.teamspeak.com hardy.teamspeak.4players.de

    Run ip tables after restarting machine:

    iptables -A INPUT -s accounting.teamspeak.com -j DROP
    iptables -A INPUT -s backupaccounting.teamspeak.com -j DROP
    iptables -A INPUT -s blacklist.teamspeak.com -j DROP
    iptables -A INPUT -s ipcheck.teamspeak.com -j DROP
    iptables -A INPUT -s hardy.teamspeak.4players.de -j DROP
  3. KissKiss

    KissKiss VIP

    Ehm, if you set in /etc/hosts that
    Code: accounting.teamspeak.com backupaccounting.teamspeak.com blacklist.teamspeak.com ipcheck.teamspeak.com hardy.teamspeak.4players.de
    The Iptables command would block the connection to the emulator as iptables resolves the hostnames to and you are blocking it.
  4. Avirox

    Avirox New Member

    hey guys, i have this crack too and it worked fine over 120 days uptime :), and now i tried the update to teamspeak server version and i got errors from the update installation, can you help me please? errors below in picture.
    would be nice if you can help me :)
  5. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    your error says the issue!
    Cannot write to 'crack.tar.gz' (Disk quota exceeded)
    In case you don't know what that means - your disk has no more space!
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  6. Avirox

    Avirox New Member

    omg, my bad :D thanks! :b
  7. ScottyDaMeatball

    ScottyDaMeatball New Member

    I am running the Accounting Server, and have the hosts file setup properly, yet it auto shuts down after 2 hours for not reaching the Accounting Server. This is on Windows 10. I have tried running AccountingEmulator as Admin, and as normally. And I always keep it open. It does work, however, when I use it on my friends Debian PC. Any fixes on how to get it working on Win10? Thanks!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2017
  8. CuteDoggo

    CuteDoggo First perm VIP!? Furries4Life?! #CutenessOverload VIP

    So after the updated to I have experienced something strange:
    The accounting server is not starting with the autostartscript after the whole server has restarted. I have to start it manually everytime.
    Its not a big deal starting it manually but the thing is, if the server will crash when I am not home, the teamspeak itself WILL start but the accounting server NOT.
    So the server will go down until I am home. Thats why I am asking for support.
    I recently added a new script to the autostart folder and then, I got this message at the same time:
    "insserv: warning: script 'ts3anticrash.sh' missing LSB tags and overrides"
    Maybe this has something to do with this problem I am having right now.
  9. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    maybe you mean ;)
    anyway.....i would suggest you to re-install the anticrash, cause i don't have that issue.
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  10. CuteDoggo

    CuteDoggo First perm VIP!? Furries4Life?! #CutenessOverload VIP

    XD yes
    well what do you mean by re-installing? Unselecting the anticrash for everything and then selecting it again?
    done that a few times before. not changed anything, accounting server still not starting with the teamspeak
  11. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    just use the installer program and run the anticrash set up again. this should fix your issue
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  12. Nadrak

    Nadrak New Member


    A problem appears when updated to
    TS3ANetwork::Recv failed error: 10054

    Any solution? My server restarting every X min.
  13. i am running the crack on windows Server 2012 R2, just over ever 2 hours the server seems to close itself, the accounting emulator is open when the server closes down any ideas? server is there a newer crack for windows? Thank you all in advance
  14. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    The latest version for windows is the same as the linux one:
    So just update your versions and everything will be fine,
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  15. how do i update it because when i update it , it dies every 2 hours?
    i have just tried to upgrade and it goes to NO lisence ?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 21, 2017
  16. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    just download the correct package and then edit your host file , run the emulator and then the server
  17. how do i do that mate?
  18. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    how to do what? run the programm or edit the host files?
  19. i have the crack installed with server running but when i update it it doesent have a lisence, ? so how do i update it, to have the crack included?
  20. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    The crack files are included inside the folder. By the way i just downloaded it and tested it. It works fine. (so probably you do something wrong)

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