TeamSpeak Server Crash [3.0.12]

Discussion in 'Outdated' started by Supervisor, Feb 6, 2016.

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    The time has come to release our newest ServerCrash applicable to the Server 3.0.12.
    No special permission except connecting are needed. So it infact does work on every TS3 Server using the version 3.0.12.
    We will release the tool to the public on 24/Feb.
    For VIP members click here:

    Note Teamspeak was informed about a crash in version 3.0.12 on 29/Jan by us. Due to the unresponsiveness of Teamspeak, R4P3 community has made this information available to the public in hope for Teamspeak to increase their security.

    You need to register to view spoilers!

    Have fun and good hunting :D
    Only use it on your own Server, and only for test purposes! We are not responsible if you are acting irresponsible!!!
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