Teamspeak Smart Banner, ClockBot, Onlinebot and more

Discussion in 'Web scripts' started by Hawkins, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. AmellRa89

    AmellRa89 Member

    i want to add admin online in banner ???
    please help me
  2. alexms

    alexms VIP

    The AdminBot dont work for me, and dont connect to my server.
    Can you help me? Please
  3. Floflobel

    Floflobel New Member

    Hi, the clock bot send a server message ?
  4. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

  5. AmellRa89

    AmellRa89 Member

  6. Agusanz

    Agusanz Contributing Member

  7. AmellRa89

    AmellRa89 Member

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  8. SpeciaL

    SpeciaL Contributor

    do you install PHP on your VPS
  9. AmellRa89

    AmellRa89 Member

    yes , but i don't how i can add in banner smart
    Online admin
  10. GoodMen_

    GoodMen_ New Member

    i have problem the bot doesn't connect
  11. SpeciaL

    SpeciaL Contributor

  12. AmellRa89

    AmellRa89 Member

    im install php and in my server i have Cpanel
    so what i do next to add that's in banner smart ???
  13. AmellRa89

    AmellRa89 Member

    needed that in my banner please
    Admins Online
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  14. Crysix

    Crysix Member

    How can I remove some User from "OnlineBot"? I got 2 Musicbots and I don't want that they are showen up there
  15. Kleberstoff

    Kleberstoff Knowledge Seeker

    You can either just search for the part of the Script that gets the Online Users and subtract the amount you wish. (Easiest)
    You can check if they have a certain group and then add/ignore them.

    I would go to the first one :p
  16. Crysix

    Crysix Member

    I completely fucked it up now ^^
    edit: still don't know how do I change that. I tried everything to change where it says something about "$currentonline"
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  17. Mr_omar

    Mr_omar Restricted

    You can just make script to count how much MusicBot are online then you can do like this
    $currentonline - $onlinemusic
    I hope this will help you. :D
  18. Crysix

    Crysix Member

    I don't want that the Musicbots will count :D
    but thanks anyway
  19. Mr_omar

    Mr_omar Restricted

    I know you want them to not count
  20. Shafter

    Shafter New Member

    Can I have that message as well?

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