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  1. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    Please let us know in a response what you think we should do? :cool:

    Check out this video here:

    Here is a PDF document of the contract/agreement they wanted to have us sign:
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  2. Civak

    Civak New Member

    I guess you could say that their contract got r4p3d.

    Anyone? No?
    Okay I'll see myself out.
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  3. ItsiAdam

    ItsiAdam Member

    TeamSpeak may request questionable content be deleted from R4P3.net, its forums and subpages, including but not limited to:
    "Cracked" TeamSpeak 3 software and/or links to other sites that contain “cracked” TeamSpeak 3 software

    um no.

    you get fucked basically as far as i see
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  5. Hexboy

    Hexboy Member

    Fuck that.
    Basically they have offered to buy the site for $150 a month..
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  6. Zhenyu Mao

    Zhenyu Mao Member

    So just deny it
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  7. domin0013

    domin0013 New Member

    150$pm? XD
    This is Joke? :D
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  8. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    Did you watch the video? :p
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  9. Zhenyu Mao

    Zhenyu Mao Member

    I am sorry.Youtube is not available in China. So let me go through the GFW.~~
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  10. Nukleuz16

    Nukleuz16 New Member

    What a joke, the shit you guys have done is worth 10 fold that amount permonth
  11. swarmdeco

    swarmdeco Member

    150 USD/month??! are you freaking kidding me???
    I work as a profesional pentester, and a simple PENTEST at a web application, for 1 week and only 1 pentester it's around $4000 USD (a cheap one).

    I say no.
  12. Shield

    Shield Member

    LMAO! XD Cheers R4P3!
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  13. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributor

    I totally agree with you, however we have jobs and school so we do not have the same amount of time invested as a pentester would have.
    We have to be careful about not being too aggressive in the negociation.

    Hello TeamSpeak VIP member, pretty sure one of them bought VIP to spy on us.
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  14. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    I think overall the point everyone is making is that R4P3 is a security team, 7 passionate/dedicated members strong. We are not just some skid group sitting here copying/pasting shit all day. An offer of $150 monthly is laughable, we could buy a bicycle for our researchers in 7 months. Not even, literally they would just cover server expenses which is what we discussed with them. But in their offer, they are extending the bare minimum. R4P3 would have to cease growth, withdraw the community and this would eventually lead to a less secure TeamSpeak with a less dedicated community and team over time.

    Things run fine right now without a contract, us signing this carries far too much legal risk and not enough money to cover legal expenses if TeamSpeak were to strike us with a lawsuit of any kind.

    R4P3 and TeamSpeak currently have a competitive relationship, we put stress on them for better security. What they want is to pay us money so we can run our servers and shut up, to hide their security issues. R4P3 is very much about transparency, that is why I chose to let everyone know about this. TeamSpeak is very private.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
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  15. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Contributor

    And you didn't mention how much they would laugh their ass off... Security research for 150$USD/month is a joke

    EDIT : Nice glock.
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  16. AnonAries

    AnonAries New Member

    I just got the email, sorry I haven't been on ts as well. Things have been getting nasty, but about this contract. Do not accept it. They just wanna bully you. I mean I haven't been following what's been going on lately besides now. If they are willing to do a mutual contract, you should just wait them out or do the fun way and continue doing exploits (plug ins for breaking the client) and spread the terror to them until they make a good enough contract or really hear you out. Your way or the highway or come to an understanding. :rolleyes:;). If theirs anything I can do let me know and I'll try to push around a few favors on the dark side of the web.:cool:


    I forgot to read the rest and my other output on tbis..... make them pay out the ass if they wanna contract. (; but me I wouldn't contract. I vote burn the contract and send the video to them.
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  17. henker

    henker New Member

    For 150$ no way TeamSpeak Sys.
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  18. EvO-E

    EvO-E New Member

    They can go screw themselves, as a dev this is an insult to offer a security research team 150$ a month. What a fucking joke
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  19. Kaptan647

    Kaptan647 Contributor

    Can i have a bicycle pls :D
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  20. ItsiAdam

    ItsiAdam Member

    fuck you, i want a bicycle.
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