TeamSpeak Systems Wants Us To Sign A Contract

Discussion in 'Outdated' started by Asphyxia, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. dafaqsolo

    dafaqsolo New Member

    150$/month? Is this an 1st April joke?
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  2. XRAYcr

    XRAYcr New Member

    I think they are a little late for an april's fool joke...
    I mean, $150pm wont event cover the team's lunch.
    BTW, nice thing you print the contract, would be a shame to shot it at your monitor XD
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  3. MrFogHunter

    MrFogHunter New Member

    but it is not an April Fool 150 dollar a month's worth much more than its plus he want us to erase hack crack and another had not thank you if he offer 2000 or 3000 will be the dollar and still envisagable we will not let corompre not capitalism blind capitalism
  4. skokkk

    skokkk Contributor

    Wow.. for teamspeak to actually think the work we do can be bought. Much less for so little.

    R4P3 has become such an active and large community because everyone (well mostly) is willing to contribute. To restrict that would make r4p3 smaller and less active.

    I am proud to be part of r4p3 and I love giving back to the community. If teamspeak were to "buy" r4p3 what type of community would we be?
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  5. Denis_Minin

    Denis_Minin Member

    We ourselves Guard and we will not sell for $ 150 a month!

    My Birthday is On 1 April)) Where Is My Gifts? A? A? A? :)
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  6. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

    Haha, thats a really bad joke, you can't even keep alive R4P3 with 150$ / month.
    R4P3 - TeamSpeak = 10-0.

    Remember Asphyxia what i told you about America + Guns. :D
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  7. GabrielePRG

    GabrielePRG New Member

    you may accept a proposal amounting to $ 1.5kg per month for life, and cloning this current on a new domain for example xD
  8. Joxiii

    Joxiii Discord hater! VIP

    150 $ Guys !!! :p No way .... I think this document is from dante :D
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  9. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributing Member

    Dante pls
  10. tagKnife

    tagKnife Contributing Member

    Video was looking good, all the way up to the fake gun shot.
  11. florian2833z

    florian2833z Member

    Reject it.
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  12. dedmen

    dedmen TS3 Dev-Team Contributor

    2.d.i Denied
    2.d.ii Does that count for stuff we only post in our Developer Forum?
    2.d.iii Just fix your shit
    Im although kinda Okey with the rest 7. is kinda not okey but i could accept that

    But in that form without any modifications definetly not acceptable.
  13. maz.b

    maz.b Member

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  14. cakooo

    cakooo New Member

    Simple, No thanks
  15. CoC-Eu

    CoC-Eu Member

    Fuck You, you earn more as 150$ PM with only donations xd ... NO NO NO
  16. sicanull

    sicanull New Member

    not accept the contract at seeing that will. ;)
  17. Tek'S

    Tek'S New Member

    Dont accept for 150 $ its just a joke many people use your stuff now ask them 15k $ :p
  18. Azurex

    Azurex New Member

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  19. elavex

    elavex New Member

    Money to pay not.
    So that excuse not to sign the contract.
  20. Kieran

    Kieran Tag me Contributor

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