[Trick] - 94FBR, The solution to the crack you're looking for :)


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Apr 30, 2015
Everyone of us has at least once had difficulties finding a crack or a key for a software.

@Supervisor asked me if I had a cracked version of some software today and my first thought was, 94FBR. So I Decided to share this awesome trick with the community :)

Basically, 94FBR is a part of the Office 2000 Pro CD activation key, a key that bypasses the activation requirements of Office 200 Pro.

The Trick

All you have to do is, send a query to google , including the software name you want to crack and 94FBR
Like This: 94FBR "Software Name"

And.. that's it :D

NOTE: In MOST cases the first result is the crack you're looking for, BUT, That is not always 100% sure, you can try other results though :D. Remember to ALWAYS Scan everything you download, :)