Question TS3 Plugin to Play sound when join Channel

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by 0xC0FFE, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. 0xC0FFE

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    I'm really new here and I have a problem. I watched the YouTube videos and read a lot of Forums and tried my own luck but not with success.

    In our TS3 we have a Plugin that notice the ServerTeam whith a Sound that someone joined one of those 4 Support Channels. Now we have the Problem that our old Engeneer which developped the old Plugin is not at the Teamspeak anymore. So we only have the old Plugin i tried different tools to get toe code out of this .dll file but it didnt work. The Problem we have is the api version with the TS3 Update is this not compatible so we need only this simple plugin in a new api version.

    Is there any possibility to solve this without developper skills?
  2. Bluscream

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    Do you need this for a german TS3 server?
  3. jakesmith62

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    You could replace the "user joined" .wav file to something louder and more noticeable. It's in the Teamspeak files somewhere.
  4. I3I4CK0UT


    I believe JTS3 is what you need, take a look of the web interface hosted versión: *EDIT* Hosting closed
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  5. GimHae

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    You'll need the bot. I use it for my servers, once someone come the Instances will Sound "Welcome to (my server name)". Oh ya, It's available (the cracked version) in this forum but for VIP members only...

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