Tutorial: Cracking Denuvo V4

pretty neat

Denuvo V4 (also V3), checks for the following things:
- CPUID hash of 0x1, 0x8000002, 0x8000003 and 0x8000004
- Image Data Directory hash of kernel32.dll, ntdll.dll and kernelbase.dll
- kuser_shared_data hash of NtMajorVersion, NtMinorVersion, NtSystemRoot, NumberOfPhysicalPages, ProcessorFeatures, TimeSplip and CryptoExponent
- Process Environment Block (PEB) hash

Patching the following checks is harder on V3 because of the integrity checks of VMProtect.

best comment: "CEO of Denuvo disliked this video. That guy spends way too much time on Crackwatch."
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