[Tutorial] Your own screenshot server

Discussion in 'Security Discussion' started by BoTz, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Kleberstoff

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    All seems, correct. Also if your censoring the Key in the Upload file you might want to do the same on the ShareX Image.
    But everything seems to be correct there, so i can't really help you there, assuming you might wanna check your PHP/Firewall/Webserver.
  2. RSX

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    Typical don't use 777 propaganda. Don't spread bullshit like this. At the end of the day, it's safe as fuck to do, and the only issues you will come across will be your fault. Someone uploading a php script you not only serve but actually run as well is your own damn fault. It's funny you mentioned that thread given the second reply completely goes against what you're trying to say.

    > Forums>Software>Security Discussion>
    > Advice like this
    Good meme.
  3. ehthe

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    You seem a bit salty. I was just lazy with constructing an argument about having only the necessary permissions (to reduce an eventual attack surface, you know, bad coding and all) so I dumped a link. Now calm your tits.
  4. RSX

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    How can one be salty despite when I've never came across you yet? Also, what about my tits? Perhaps if you want a saltyless person, you shouldn't come up with pathetic straw mans and post the first link you see when you google a certain phrase.
  5. ehthe

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    Wait what, I thought you weren't salty ?
    Also points are made. I don't see why you're making a big fuss about all that, since my link was addressed to some people who would never bother to read it past the title x)
  6. RSX

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    Well... :)
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