Updating / Upgrading XenForo On Debian

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    So, you get that nifty little zip file downloaded from XenForo, now what? This guide is intended to help new forum admins. I am not responsible for any damages caused by trying to follow this guide.

    You should have SSH access to your server, I recommend using WinSCP (on Windows) or if you're on a Linux-based machine simply ssh [email protected]_host should get you in. If you need help with WinSCP click here, if you need help with SSH click here.

    Using SCP in SSH or WinSCP, you are able to copy your zip file into your website's root directory. This is typically /var/www/html or /var/www if you are unsure, you can use your SSH client (use PuTTY on Windows) to check on a Debian system:
    grep -i 'Directory /' /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf
    <Directory /var/www/html>

    Run these commands:
    sudo apt-get install unzip
    unzip xenfor{PRESS_TAB_KEY... seriously I mean it}
    Now, you must copy the upload folder to your XenForo directory. I am going to assume your XenForo was installed in your website's root directory (../ from upload as opposed to ../xenforo/ or ../forum/). Pay close attention to the "../" below.

    cd upload
    cp -r * ../
    Now that you have done the above, you should be able to navigate to yoursite.com/install to upgrade your forum. Do not forget to remove the litter from the zip file.

    This could be automated, but I would rather not store credentials nor auth tokens into my account(s) in plaintext. ;)
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