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  1. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Super Mod TS3 Dev-Team

    In the VIP section we will share content that is too good for the public. We do this so that developers don't have access to the exploit/vulnerability --- this makes it harder for a patch to be developed and allows VIP members to have more time to have fun!

    There are three ways to get access to the VIP section:

    1. Being active, posting good quality threads and answers to the entire forum over an extended period of time. When we think you are a great resource to this forum, then we'll add you to the VIP group.

    2. You may donate $5/Month or $10/3 Months with bitcoin in the forum or TS3. You may also pay with Paypal on our TeamSpeak - simply contact someone with the paypal servergroup.
    Please keep in mind all transactions are processed manually. Especially bitcoin donations beeing made on the forum may require some time for confirmation.

    3. Sometimes we will make a little contest. This will be most likely about little plugins or little programs.
    Your task will be to create them. If you manage to do so, you can post them into the Get VIP Access forum. You will need to add the script/plugin/program and the source code to it (thats only to make sure you did not hide anything in it o_O ).
    If you did great, you will get a free VIP membership for lifetime :D
    As an alternative, you may also come up with something on your own. It would be benefitial to ask us about it first. So we don't have to decline something you put a lot of work into.

    It is not allowed to copy any stuff from the VIP section to the public section or to another forum. Doing so will suspend your VIP status!

    Bitcoin Payment Video Tutorial: Click Here
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  2. TigiArts

    TigiArts New Member

    Ist it Possible to Become VIP with Bitcoins? :) I would be very nice! <3
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  3. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Super Mod

    Yes, go ahead and donate --- then make a post. I will hook you up.
  4. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Super Mod

    Supervisor has brought to my attention a great idea --- VIP contests. We will be having regular VIP contests in which people from the community will be challenged to make a plugin/tool. For example right now @Ridicc is developing a TeamSpeak 3 Icon Extractor tool which will allow you to take TeamSpeak 3 icons from servers you join. So, what exactly is a 'VIP contest' you might be wondering.. well we will be having a contest whenever, perhaps weekly or monthly to develop plugins/tools for TeamSpeak 3. Whomever presents the best project for the challenge or the top ranking projects (we may accept 2 or 3 if they are good enough), those winners are rewarded with lifetime VIP access. This makes R4P3 a stronger development community, we may all learn from this and great/useful tools may be created for the TeamSpeak 3 platform. I hope your are excited for this, because I know I am! ;)
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  5. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Super Mod TS3 Dev-Team

    we already told you we're going to make a contest soon. Here are a few chunks for the upcoming contest:
    • go into your TS client, right click your name and select client information (or details or whatever that shit was called :p)
    • there you see all the information about the client (like ping, name, IP, ...), now.. there is a way to "hide" all of this information, so all you will be able to see there is "receiving information" -
    • One way to do it is to change you ping to -1, but it's not that easy.. So here's where your work starts :p
    • its either gonna be a plugin for TS3 or a patch for the client (your decision.. :)
    • If you want to try, please start a thread here. The thread title has to be contest #1
    • To make sure you don't plan on releasing any bad stuff, you also need to provide your source code in your created thread. (It will only be used to verify the plugin or the patch.)
    • Reward: VIP access for lifetime!
    /contest is over. Thx to the winner @0day
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