What is the most reliable VPS hoster with above average DDoS protection?

Discussion in 'DDOS Protection' started by Civak, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Civak

    Civak New Member

    Datacenter locations in the US or CA preferably.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Lukas Lufu

    Lukas Lufu New Member

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  3. Cynical

    Cynical New Member

  4. MrWolf

    MrWolf Trial Moderator

    There is no correct answear, "reliable host" depends on your needs.
    As you asked for CA or USA datacenter i found 2 hosting that i tested out and they seem to be greate quality.
    1.) https://www.treudler.net > OVH - Game Anti DDoS | 3€/m per 1 GB/ram
    2.)https://extravm.com > OVH - Anti DDoS (Not sure if its Game, but i survived huge attack without any rise of packet loss on teamspeak3, one time i got 10% and it got back in 2-3 secs because firewall blocked it.) 3€/m per 512MB/ram

    If you are starting your bussines and don't want to pay for dedi this is good start server.
  5. 6xPink

    6xPink Trial Moderator

    Hello MrWolf,

    I do not know if something is coming out of your ass but http://treudler.net is not to be trusted it is ran by a kid who has no clue how to even run his own business. Half the time he contacts OVH to resolve his problems or he blames SolusVM about problems he can resolve by himself he also runs his business from home and is a huge fraud if you think you can trust this guy go ahead on the other hand I would highly recommend https://extravm.com they are more of a professional business and professionally ran.
  6. MrWolf

    MrWolf Trial Moderator

    There is no need for atacking i tried it and vps works fine i never contacted support so i can't say and i never know kid runs it.
  7. 6xPink

    6xPink Trial Moderator

    Hello MrWolf

    Yes I admit I was a bit harsh but I absolutely hate kid ran hosting companies because half the time they talk out of there ass if you get what I mean ;)
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  8. MrWolf

    MrWolf Trial Moderator

    Kid running host is bad ik but myb there is one kid that do it good :2D xD
  9. anajames

    anajames New Member

    Never underestimate a newbie :)
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  10. 1nject

    1nject Member

    I'm using a VPS KVM Game at Treudler and the support guy was always kind and available.
    Just saying.
  11. MrWolf

    MrWolf Trial Moderator

    Reply in 12 hours
    I mean i like their cheap VPS but thats all.
    And they will help you and make things go smooth but thats all.
  12. 1nject

    1nject Member

    Told you about what I experienced, if course it could be different with other customers.
  13. MrWolf

    MrWolf Trial Moderator

    I mean im not in position to be picky about hosting, it gets shit done and thats important.
  14. evzgames

    evzgames VIP

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