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  2. florian2833z

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    I dont understand why people are still renting teamspeak servers. It is much cheaper to rent a vps and install teamspeak on it. Also, when everyone has ipv6 it is no longer required to have a license since you can run one server with 32 slots per ip. And there are many ipv6 addresses .... Most vps providers give you a 64 ipv6 subnet.
  3. Supervisor

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    @florian2833z you cannot run more than 1 instance of the "no license" TeamSpeak server per machine.
    Also it's actually more expensive to have your own server if you want the luxury of DDoS protection. And don't forget about the hassle of keeping your ts3 server up to date..
    What happens if you loose your access? You have to know a lot of stuff to manually do this - and where this is possible for sure, it is much easier for clans to just go into the webinterface and hit the "reset" button or even just roll back to an old backup which was made automatically..

    Those are good reasons to go with a professional hoster who takes care about that. (we don't host the teamspeak server ourselfes, either..)
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  4. florian2833z

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    Thought you can actually have more than one server if you bind them to differnt ips .... Backups and stuff can easily be created with yatqa.

    I dont have problems running two servers on one machine

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  5. XRV-Webix

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    Hello @florian2833z you can have several servers on the same VPS/Server. Even with 1 IP address you can have several server instances working on different ports.
    But... if you want to run servers with more than 32 slots, you need a valid license.
    I personally don't see the point on running several server instances with 32 slots on the same VPS. The users can't talk between servers (unless they are connected to both at the same time, but still, you'll be limited to 32) and is very resource consumative.
    It's less consumative to have 1 server instance with 10 virtualservers of 32 slots than have 10 server instances of 1 virtualserver with 32 slots.
    Simple maths!

    Also, if you want a VPS with good anti-ddos protection and resources for teamspeak, it will cost you more than renting a teamspeak server.
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  6. MrWolf

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    3€ is not so much for most of the people :rolleyes:, but its just how people see the world, they want cheaper and thats normal.
    I personally like to host my ts on my own server, its way more funny than renting it :)
    Im sick of hearing... No no no you can't have that, you can't have that either, no no no you can't have that things either from hosting company like TypeFrag... :oops:

    And there are people that have no time to manage their own server, better rent it from professionals.
  7. XRV-Webix

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    Yes... if you want to host only 32 slots. If you want to have more than 32 slots on your server, you need a valid license (or a cracked one if you are into those things and wanting to f*ck up the business of people who put their effort into providing a service of excelence).
    You can stick to a AAL license of 64 slots (46,51€/year... it's 3,87€/month) and you sum your 36€ VPS (3€ * 12 months) you end up with 82,51€ for your 64 slot teamspeak.
    And you are limited with the slots. If you want to increase them, you have to purchase a new license.
    But, if i rent you a Teamspeak server, you can stop the service whenever you want, you can increase and decrease the slots whenever you want, etc...
    Also, if you are a newbie (i am not saying you are), you don't need to worry about the VPS configurations and protection.

    Anyway, there are opinions and opinions... If you ask me if the slots are expensive? Yes. I do think they are (i also think that teamspeak should lower their prices on ATHP). But like everything, a good work needs a reward. Don't you think?
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