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Latest reviews

Nice work, shame you cant see them yourself but you can't ask for everything <3
hey man! it works fine. but how can i use the custom badges?
So how i can use this on pyTSon?
how do i fix this
Error Cache directory is not writable
Please make sure that the cache directory is fully writable.
Ok, I got it to print the error out and here's what it gives me now.

Fatal error: Trait 'WHMCS\Exception\Handler\ExceptionLoggingTrait' not found in /home/reduxcom/public_html/forum/billing/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Exception/Handler/CriticalHtmlHandler.php on line 0
I think this plugin is good but I cannot install it...
Thanks man, But why i can't see it by my self?
Yes, works very well xD http://sharex.joshlisher.dhwh.co.uk/Images/ts3client_win64_2018-01-19_17-38-12.png I redeemed Rocket Beans and the Gamescom one. The plugin doesnt work :(
Its cool, but is this legal ?
How do I use the rotating function?
Its not implemented yet.
works fine
userfriendly design
good job @Bluscream
Thanks mizu :3
Works pretty good as it is! Sadly doesn't auto-update to every server I visit!
It should. Hmmm
Working good! easy to use!
Thank you man :)
Works great, you dont see it by Urself, but i saw it with another Identity on my Teamspeak Server, Great Job
Thanks :]
is not working well !!! and also it has 10 Threads on virustotal
The virustotal reports are because of ts3hook. Everything in that package is open-source so you can compile it yourself :)

What isn't working well?
Such a terrible idea, insane.

How this work, the download link redirect into the source code?
Thanks, been using this for a few months now. It makes it super easy to set up a TS server. Its even easier than doing it the legit way, lol!

My version was linux. To all the people having crashing issues, just make sure to turn on the anti-crash and anti-crack and check the status to make sure everything is running.
Bro After 2 hour it crashes... though you are doing a great job thats why 4 star ...
I think somehow , account emulator is not working properly , thats why server crash...
Work perfectly!!
Running this on Windows for 32 days without any crash or issue!