1. JimmyNail

    TerraBot - dynamic Banner & Move-Bot

    TerraBot has taken over and extended the functions of FDW. We at TerraBot are working on a project with which we try to inspire the users and make many functions in Teamspeak easier. Via you can set up and configure your dynamic banner. This site is currently still in Alpha and will...
  2. I

    CS:GO - Teamspeak | Auto Move Player in Channels with command !ts !teamspeak

    Hello R4P3 Community, Is there a CSGO - Teamspeak move Script who will move Team CT in Teamspeak Channel CT and Team T in Channel T with command !ts or !teamspeak and when the Game end it will be automatic move all 10 players in one Channel? I will use it for my 5on5 Privat Server. Could you...
  3. Muntadher Safaa

    I need Bot

    There is A bot that send poke to admin when client join Support room if you have it can you share it with me plz ;):)