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Discussion in 'Security Discussion' started by Vinyl, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. Vinyl

    Vinyl Member

    I have a subription on perfect privacy but i don't need it more.
    Leave a comment why you need it i send it to you via PM.

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  2. Ridicc

    Ridicc Moderator

    I could need it cuz i am teh best L337 H4x0r on r4p3 anmd I need toh hide mai pirvate l33t h4xx0r1ng.
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  3. g1nox

    g1nox New Member

    i need it to hide my Ip on not secure website :rolleyes:
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  4. PakCyberPyrates

    PakCyberPyrates Restricted

    Buy Low cost RDP and do ur l33t work
  5. TronixYT

    TronixYT New Member

    Hey i need it really. I search now like 5 months to a VPN and don't find one that is free and good. Perfect Privacy has removed the PSC buy method, and i bought me a 25 euro PSC but they have removed it :(. And I need it because a lot of peoples are ddosing me, and for hiding my IP-Adress on websites :) (Sry for my bad english)
  6. PakCyberPyrates

    PakCyberPyrates Restricted

    Contact with me if u searching related to VPS , RDP, DEdicated server or Cloud hosting
  7. Vinyl

    Vinyl Member

    PW was change #close pls
  8. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Head Moderator

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