Anyone know what this encryption?

1. broken file
2. unreadable for notepad++
3. There is a hotkey to get the wired tags (i dont know which hotkey but im pressing it too often)

This is not an encryption.


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Thanks for coming here Hellboy, while most people do not care to Google shit for you - this was something I was not familiar with so I wanted to know more.

How I found more: Google search "/ncgxmlhdr", with quotes. The foreign language results were of most interest, specifically an Asian language and Russian.

Here is the information I gathered:

  1. as far as I can remember, it's a 2d palette file. Yes?
  2. as far as I can remember it is the SmartTV application manifest file.
  3. There is only one thing I found out about Naver VOD DRM - But even NCG does not have a solitary program because it is a Helljosen DRM...
And in the middle

<? xml version = "1.0"?>. <ncgxmlhdr> .. <content> ... <source> NHN </ source> ... <sid> 1002 </ sid> ... <cid> 100150765 < 1 </ encryption> ... <packdate> 2016-05-11T18: 31: 24Z </ packdate> .. </ content> .. <license>. .. <url>
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</ url> .. </ license>. </ ncgxmlhdr>

In this. Packed in 5/11 and I do not know anymore
After searching around, this looks like a potential DRM file. Likely used for protecting copyright files. Have any extra info for us to know more about what this file is doing?

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