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Discussion in 'Script requests' started by walross99, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Kieran

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    Played around with it and you can set permissions using permAssign.
    Here is an example to add 999 to i_channel_needed_join_power for a channel with the ID 12.
    $channel $ts3->channelGetById(12);
    You can also do permList to see the permissions of the channel
    Here's a list of all perms (Warning! Long!):
    You need to register to view spoilers!
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  2. walross99

    walross99 Some random Guy VIP

    You can also just use the name ^^ Like 'i_channel_subscribe_power'
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  3. Kieran

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    ID is faster and shorter though so just use the list to get the ID.
  4. Kleberstoff

    Kleberstoff Knowledge Seeker

    Perfect, thanks. I gonna push the stuff to Github when Updated and edit THIS post when done.
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  5. Kieran

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    So basically my approach would be, have the people write the permission ID (or name) in an array with the power seperated by a =. You could then foreach through that and use explode to set each individual permission the user specified when a new channel is created
    for example
    $permissions = array(
    though, I couldn't find out yet if you just have to set a permission with a tick box (for example b_client_avatar_delete_other) to 0/1 to disable/enable it. I will try it when I'm home.

    @walross99 's reply will come in handy here. It makes it more comfortable for the user because nobody wants to search for the correct ID when using this.
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  6. anonym

    anonym New Member

    Can you make a tutorial for the Script?
  7. Kleberstoff

    Kleberstoff Knowledge Seeker

    Its rather simple, simply check the config.php in the libaries folder, that should be all you need to know.

    edit: otherwise, send me a pm on the forum.

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