Best layer7 protection


Apr 27, 2016

Hello Everyone.
Today I am going to share with you my opinion about best layer 7 protection.
No serious protection. They are mainly focused on proxy things (to mask your ip). They provide JS challange which is their main protection against attacks., As I noticed it's being updated few times each month. Few weeks ago they pushed big update, which patched all the ddos script, but unfortunately it's still really simple JS challange so making new bypass for that can be hard only for laiks.
Captcha / Rate limit - That's their second protection. However captcha is good to stop ddos attacks, but for real people it's quite annoying. Also on the SST (Stress Service Testing) scene there is service that provide 100% working captcha bypass, which is working. Rate limiting also can be bypassed. Limiting requests per second, enough IPs and your website will be down.

In my opinion one of the best protections on the market. It's being upgraded each day. Developers are completely focused on their protection. They are using really advanced alghoritms to prevent ddos attacks on your website. Also there are no false-positive bans. In the future it will be one of most known layer 7 protection if devs will keep up their good work.

One of the best protections on the market, but I have found really interesting bug in their protection, which allows me to down websites protected by them within few seconds.
It's a bit overpriced, but for serious projects it's quite good. Fast support, also they know what they are doing.

Nothing serious to be honest. Simple JS challange, which is easy to bypass. Wasn't updated for years. Wesbites protected by them can be easily downed.

One of the best layer 7 protections on the market. They provide JS challange with rate limiting. However JS challange is pretty easy to bypass, their rate limiting system can not be bypassed for now. As I assume they are detecting proxies/bots and simply banning them. Your website can be down for max. 2 minutes amd it will be up again. I can recommend this service to everyone.

They only provide "button" as a challange, which can be bypassed within 1 minute. No need any advanced alghoritms to bypass that. Minimal power will take it down.

Similar to, not worth to buy. They provide cutom JS challange, which is not a problem to bypass.


Simple "test cookie" protection. Takes up to 5 minutes to bypass it. Nothing serious.

Worst protection I ever seen. "Developer" is completely clueless.

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