Introduction To Hacking (Beginner Tutorial)


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Apr 25, 2015
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Welcome to both the experienced and less experienced, all are accepted here. Hacking is more than just smashing keys, obtaining access and laughing. Hacking is an attitude, lifestyle and mindset --- you are either a hacker or you aren't and no one can decide that except yourself. A typical hacker enjoys having control, perhaps "technological control freak" would be fitting, it is not okay if a random person sits down at your workstation and begins clicking or typing because you are aware of the threats (some people aren't, probably many people aren't aware of all the threats).

The internet is a battleground, a war zone (hot). You are probably less safe than you think, security comes with pros and cons though. Your password might take longer to type, you might have more passwords to remember and you may end up locking yourself out of your own fuckin' box (shit happens), permanently without physical access or resetting.

Whilst venturing down the path of hacking (hacker lifestyle), you must keep in your head that challenging problems are fun and giving up is pathetic. You might spend 6 hours on one target to realize that you only got a little access, you might spend 2 hours on that little access you obtained to find out that you now have a way to conquer the target server/device completely (root/system). Security must be at the forefront of your concerns, almost at all times. Windows Key + L, Ctrl + Alt + L are common shortcuts to use when stepping away from your workstation. When you exit your car to go somewhere else, you lock the doors and when you walk away from your workstation, you should do the same --- it makes logical sense.

The very first thing you should get involved in if you are interested in becoming a security enthusiast (hacker) is reading, watching videos and practicing. You're not going to get somewhere by doing nothing. It takes time, dedication and exhausting practice efforts. Your most successful route is likely going to be found by joining a group with individuals that share your common interest of security.

Here are some resources to get you started, some are paid and some are free --- figure it out: ($$$$$$$$$$$, yerp fuckin' expensive) (game/learning)

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Apr 27, 2015
That are some really nice websites, thanks for sharing with us.
I've learned quite a lot on websites like this :)