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  1. Pain

    Pain Member

    New Name: Pain
    Reason: you see my foto , its is of PAIN , i have this name sinds 2 years , im the pain !
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  2. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    Consider these two name changes an act of kindness, for anyone else please understand that name changes are for VIP donors. To become a VIP, go here: https://r4p3.net/pages/give/

    Your name change request has been honored.

    Your name has been changed.
  3. Skye

    Skye New Member

    Name: Skye
    Reason: My teamspeak name and it's from a show called Marvels Agents Of Shield.
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  4. Wrath X

    Wrath X Member

    Name: Wrath
    Reason: 'qwelethe' is my fake name, I don't want to use it. ( Can you change my birthyear to 94 ? )
    Thank you :)
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  5. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributor

    Hey, you need an active VIP subscription when requesting a namechange.
    Click here to get VIP.
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  6. Wrath X

    Wrath X Member

    I know that bro, I have already donate for VIP and I was waiting to Asphyxia for VIP and Nick Change :)
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  7. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributor

    My bad then. x) @Asphyxia
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  8. chmod_

    chmod_ New Member

    Name: chmod_
    Reason: My Oldname is crap! and i love this name more!
    Thanks, :)
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  9. mkll11one

    mkll11one VIP

    Name: mkll11one
    Reason: dont want to use real name. :)
  10. Hellboy

    Hellboy New Member

    Name: Hellboy
    Reason: current nick is very ugly
  11. radu

    radu Member

    New Name: RĂDUCU
    Reason: :D
  12. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Moderator TS3 Dev-Team

    Sorry, the username is already taken by this member: @Raducu
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  13. radu

    radu Member

    system32 nickname new, please.
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  14. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Moderator TS3 Dev-Team

    thats taken, too. Please look up a username that is not taken already. You may search for names here: https://r4p3.net/members/
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  15. radu

    radu Member

    r a d u , thanks.
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  16. Ridicc

    Ridicc Moderator

    Unfortunately spaces aren't allowed in usernames.
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  17. X-Ecutioner

    X-Ecutioner Contributor

    New Name: X-Ecutioner
    Reason: It's my real pseudo and I would like rename for my script ;)
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
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  18. egcmasti

    egcmasti VIP

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    Change my name from Alhadi Juma to egcmasti
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  19. sulimanaljnoubi502

    sulimanaljnoubi502 New Member

    New Name: DuT
    Reason: I am changing my name to Example everywhere.
  20. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Moderator

    Unfortunatetly, This is is available only for VIP members!
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