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Discussion in 'Outdated' started by Supervisor, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. NoXx

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    Hey there,
    So I gave it a try and that's my first result:
    Everything belongs to me except the font (but the font is free to use).
    Contact me if you're interested in something like that; I'm also able to change required things/ideas from your side.

    Best regards

    //EDIT: Here's the version with a grey hat. It was not intented to represent a black hat but I thought it would look nicer if it is the same colour as the font :)
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  2. Derp

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    That is really impressive! Anyway, i would have prefered a "gray hat stickman" instead of a black hat one ;)
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  3. NoXx

    NoXx VIP

    I had the same thoughts while making it :p
    At the end I thought it would look nicer if it's the same colour as the font. I've updated my post with a grey version :)

    Best regards
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  4. Derp

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  9. Asphyxia

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    Hmm, that is interesting. A rather bold logo, neat job and I like the breaking glass. :p

    I think all of the entries are awesome really. I would love to see more also.
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  10. Wolfie

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    Breaking glass=Cracking ;)
  11. Wooozel

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    i prefer no greater changes to the main font. playing with colors instead gives some decent spice.
    i would even animate it to give it more spice ;)
    sadly, on dark backgrounds it wont have the same desired effect.
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  12. AndyDE

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    I think too :)
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  13. panteL

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    WoW :O
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