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R4P3 TS3 ALL-IN-ONE Beta v0.3.0

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Other Suggestions:

1. Add a top menu with the title "News"
2. Add a page where you can add photos and description of teamspeak staff, or for example clans.
3. Add a field showing the flag of the country where teamspeak is hosted.
4. Possibility to add an area with information of the company where is hosting the teamspeak, for example, to divulge the host.
5. Add a menu to download files, example, to download the game or some patch of some game that the clan uses.
6. Possibility of adding a logo, example, to add the clan's coat of arms.
7. Add a menu with form, example, for clan recruiting.

I hope I'm helping.


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// Added screenshot for possible outcome of the template.

Please note that even tho we removed the whole "built-in" forum idea, we didn't remove it from the menu, you can do it yourself in the config later.
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