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Hello guys!
I made a little script this morning for the ones who are in need of a smart banner for their TeamSpeak servers.
With this tool, you can generate your own banner in a half second.

Make your own banner now:
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Output example:

Incoming updates:
I will be adding an option to choose your timezone
I will add some anti-spam measurement so that every IP can only generate a specific amount of banners within a period of time
Improve the design, make different switchable backgrounds
Move to a paid domain instead of .cf

I need a way to make the generated link shorter without storing data on my webserver
If you encounter any bugs, please reply to this thread

Waiting for your feedback!​
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Also if you leave the server and query port blank it says that it is required. Could you change it to not required but have a default value its a bit misleading imo.

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