teamspeak 3

  1. S

    Teamspeak crash

    Hello to you I come here to help I explain to you that it's been many months since I have a Linux VPS with Debian, above I have Teamspeak server version (crack for slots) the problem is that there is now 1day I test of put a script for sinus but I deleted it because it did not work...
  2. L

    Tivet - Teamspeak 3 Dynamic Banner 1.0.3

    Important Create cache folder if not exist main folder. Status 1.0.3 Changelog for 1.0.3 [~] Cache handler changed to Zend Cache Features UTF-8 Support Template Engine (Dark and Light template included) Multi Language Support (Turkish and English added) OOP Configurable Cache System for...
  3. R3TR0

    Need free TS3 |No ads?|

    Hello everyone can someone help me, i need ts3 server , it can be with ads but without kick ads tnx ....
  4. XARON

    Server AFK Checker (Web & SvSide)

    Hi, i've got script request from @BIOS . This script is controlling client last login times. If someone has not connect in within the last 24 hours, the server changes its name to "AFK". You can use with (web) cron or sleep looped while in command line. Like for more scripts. Have fun :)...
  5. h04X

    Question Teamspeak ³ unique ID spoof/fake

    hey people wanted to ask you if it is possible to fake or spoof the unique ID or is that at all possible
  6. F

    Php TeamSpeak-Slotchanger on Join

    Name of the script: TeamSpeak-Slotchanger Functions of the script: 4 Players are Online (Maxclients changed: 9)> 1 User Join ( Maxclients changed: 10) > 2 User Join (Maxclients changed: 12) Why do you want it: For my Teamspeak. I try to sript myself but i failed. Screenshots: / Original source...
  7. Rikku

    AnyDate by Reedemer 2.1

    You want to test something with a specific client version? This program makes an update / downdate of the TeamSpeak client to any version 3.0.3 or later. Simply specify folder (if there is no TeamSpeak installed, TeamSpeak will be installed there automatically),Version and select the platform...
  8. Rikku

    [Beta Channel] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.9

    We have just released a new beta version which displays a notification if the microphone access is denied on the current Windows 10 update and fixed an issue with mouse 4 and 5 on Linux. Changelog: === Client Release 3.1.9 04 May 2018 - Windows: Notify if microphone access is denied due to...
  9. elkhayder

    Activation Bot

    Here he is an Activation Bot for Teamspeak 3, Just edit the config file
  10. N

    License Error

    Guys I've been having this problem for months now, I'm running a Cracked Server, and after a month, it starts to give me that blacklist and Invalid license Error thing. I just wanted to know is there anything I can do from the start to avoid these kind of problems? Aside from buying a...
  11. H

    Teamspeak 3 Serveradmin Quarry auf ip Whitelist setzen?

    Hey I have a problem, I am a Free Teamspeak 3 hoster My problem is I have somewhere a security hole in my side and someone managed to read out the Config.php file whereby he can read Serverquarry access data now I wanted to ask if it is somehow possible to limit the whole on ips...
  12. FR3SHL1NK

    [RELEASE] FTS3QueryBot [PHP]

    FTS3QueryBot Description : FTS3QueryBot is a set of scripts to animate your TeamSpeak with different tools. It is free under the condition of the GPLv3 license. Requirements : To run FTS3QueryBot, you will need to have some things: PHP 5 or more A query access on your TeamSpeak Tools ...
  13. 5

    TeamSpeak Statistics Website

    Teamspeak Statistics Website Hey guys, my name is 5oClutch. I have just made a website that allows Teamspeak 3 server owners to monitor their user statistics. We allow you to monitor the average users per day and also all the users online on that particular day. I am currently adding more...
  14. luckyhemanth

    8000+ Teamspeak3 icons 2017-11-27

    hit like if u like those....thanq
  15. M

    Question Class 'TeamSpeak3_Exception' not found

    Hello, I've got a little problem, i have the error "Class 'TeamSpeak3_Exception' not found in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/teamspeak/Transport/Exception.php on line 32\n" How is it possible ? I have to import TeamSpeak 3 API PHP ^^ i cant speak english properly so i use google translation...
  16. C

    Channel Template Creator

    Name of the script: Channel Template Creator Functions of the script: I would like to funtion on which "Teamspeak Admins" can click. This should make a set of template channels complete with Permissions set. Why do you want it: I think it will be much neater and safer as user error can cause...
  17. C

    User Compare Script

    Name of the script: Server Compare Script Functions of the script: Hi Guys i have multiple Teamspeak servers and i would like to monitor/compare current online users across all my teamspeak servers Why do you want it: I Have found that some users tend to create problems/trolling on the servers...
  18. C

    Script to prevent channel hopping

    Name of the script: Prevent Channel Hopping Functions of the script: The script/function should prevent channel hopping. My suggestion is that if a users hops 3 channels within 30 seconds the users should get a warning, two more will prevent the users from...
  19. C

    Send Message to teamspeak users based on txt file

    Name of the script: Message Affected Users Functions of the script: This script should send a message to users that are present in a specific text file on my linux server Why do you want it: This script should inform users of a predefined message only if their names appear in a text file...
  20. Supervisor

    Unmaintained Client Crash Owida [] 1.5

    Client Crash Owida [] This tool works till client version [stable] and was discovered some time ago. Disclaimer: If you encounter any problems, read the FAQ! If that does not help, reply with the error you get. Feel free to rate this resource to give me a feedback. Thank you.