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    Crack Checker - Crack Checker

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  2. Derp

    Derp TS3 Dev-Team WebApp Dev-Team Contributor

    Wait, wasn't this already implemented in @Ridicc 's Toolkit?

    Well, anyway, good job :)
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  3. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia Web Admin Administrator Moderator

    This looks awesome, I am going to throw together a PHP (web script) quick that checks port 2008. Nice job Supervisor this looks awesome!

    = @fsockopen("""2008");

        if (
    "This server may be cracked.";


    "Crack not detected.";
  4. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Moderator TS3 Dev-Team

    Well, I made this for the guys which are too lazy for a php script xD
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  5. Race

    Race New Member

  6. kalle

    kalle Member

    Hahah I typed and your crack told me "Licence original"
  7. Ridicc

    Ridicc Moderator

    It just checks if a port is open and if the port is closed it says license valid
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  8. Broxhar

    Broxhar New Member

  9. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Moderator TS3 Dev-Team

    well, My crack checker only checks whether anything on port 2008 is answering to a request. I dont know what kind of tool you use. Maybe you want to show us?
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  10. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributing Member

    He's using the website "Race" posted above.
    I tried my server and it showed Original License.

    In other words, the website uses the same method. Your method, checking if port 2008 is open or closed.

    Edit: Checked the IP and the same website says Original License now. [ Screenshot ]
  11. kingston

    kingston Contributor

    I believe there is basically no other method. I just tried on a box with no teamspeak running at all but fake 2008 service open and... of course cracked license. It will also work nicely for and you get original license. Who would think that obama is a teamspeak luva :D
  12. Thoroughly

    Thoroughly New Member

  13. Supervisor

    Supervisor Administrator Moderator TS3 Dev-Team

    I think I can actually listen to that answer and verify the "AccountingServer answer"
    I'll put it on my todo list which gets longer every day o_O
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  14. self.add()

    self.add() New Member

    The only way to have a high ensurance the server is actually not cracked is to check if port 2008 is open AND you don't get a ASE response.
    If port 2008 is closed you can't tell for certain (but it's still likely to be cracked).
    And if you get a response from the ASE on the Tool. Well you have a 100% ensurance it's cracked.

    The best way to actually "fake" a valid server is to either have patched binaries that don't need an ASE response or have the ASE set up on an alternate server and forward your TS3 Server to request the ASE Response from the second server instead of local (or official TS3).
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  15. AutoKw

    AutoKw New Member

    what can i do if it's cracked or not ?
    can anyone explain ?
  16. ehthe

    ehthe Contributing Member

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  17. LetsBlade

    LetsBlade Member

    With my IP it tells me "Not cracked!"
    With my Domain it tells me "Cracked!"
  18. Nicer

    Nicer Contributing Member

    Are you sure, that you have your DNS record set to same ip you are entering? :D

    Edit: Also it's pretty much useless, It just tries to open 2008 port over TCP. If it gets respond (connects) => cracked, else it will sayy that it is not cracked
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  19. Told me "Not Cracked" xD

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