OVH Anti-DDoS Game Reseller List

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Which Provider do you prefer?

  1. ExtraVM

  2. Dedishops

  3. Gamingpower

  4. Evolution-Host

  5. Terrahosting

  6. C38-Host

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  1. Grid

    Grid VIP

    Just bought another VPS from Infinity Hosting.
    Didn't receive it either.
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  2. Datalow

    Datalow Active Member

    Found as reseller of OVH-Game DDoS protected servers.
    Could you add them to your list?
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  3. Davide55

    Davide55 New Member

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  4. Wicked

    Wicked WickeD CSA VIP

    It's more cheaper on omgserv and there you have acces to anti ddos settings and more
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  5. egcmasti

    egcmasti VIP

    dont buy anything from seflow after your server expires they will delete your account. i stopped using seflow . bad company and politics too much.
    Always go for OVH Game its best you will get for your organization.
    i am so happy now after getting OVH Game from ExtraVM unlike seflow which are quite annoying and slow .
    Stay away from seflow and their company.
  6. Aoto

    Aoto VIP

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  7. Dear egcmasti we cancel the service only if a customer send cancellation request or disappear (After the expiration of the contract) and ignore our due date notice. Login details are canceled too from our records ONLY if you not have any active services. This is a security measurement to avoid personal info leaks on abandoned accounts. We take very care on privacy and security.

    This is very important because if you not use an account for months or years,i'm sure you will not update it (password too). An attacker can easily leak your account and take personal informations or payments details.

    In your case you not renewed server within due date so we suspended it for 48 hours not hearing anything from you and we started the cancellation procedure. As our procedure you receive pro-forma invoice 7 days prior due date, 3 Reminders,1 additional reminder on due date, one suspension notice next day and cancellation email 2 days later. Why you not paid or just alerted us that you want keep the service?

    I will happy to give you more details, if you need it, please write me directly to matteob [at] seflow [dot] net

    Your SeFlow Team
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  8. Davide55

    Davide55 New Member

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    If you need very protected VPS service we sell OVH GAME (Not from Sys) VPS + Our firewall system, if you need an discount contact us =)
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  9. egcmasti

    egcmasti VIP

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  10. HardRider

    HardRider New Member

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  11. egcmasti

    egcmasti VIP

    sorry i don't like your policies and please now i don't need your mentions.

    i am satisfied with what i am now.

  12. egcmasti

    egcmasti VIP

    Yes i used them never had a single issues. Not even bothered with support since everything was running fine
    i try alot of hosting and see which one is good. i do benchmarking and if i like i continue if not move forward sometimes come back :p
  13. chuga2

    chuga2 VIP

    i am using i am never changed my password
    I did not enter to my account more than 3 months

  14. egcmasti

    egcmasti VIP

    Just send a support ticket if you did not send them already

  15. Hi,
    because you have active service. Please remember that @egcmasti not paid the account that was canceled after due date for non payment.

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