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  1. Hey all does anyone know how to setup mail server and POSTFIX ADMIN on a VPS?

  2. Qraktzyl

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  3. Qraktzyl

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    I run my mailserver on a vps which is part of my dedicated server. (i use solusvm) I wanted an isolated environment for the mailserver.
  4. If I gave you access to my vps would you be able to configure?

  5. Qraktzyl

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    You just have to follow the instructions in the link...

    I could do it, but you wouldn't learn nor understand anything and if a problem arise you would be stuck without knowing what's happening because you didn't configured it.
  6. can you setup please, i have tried following guide but keep getting errors wont setup if a reverse proxy is setup
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    Did you follow the guide I provided or another guide? The guide I provided shouldn't give you errors, it's the only guide that I could just copy and paste the commands without thinking and having a functional mailserver...
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  9. dude i have tried no luck?

    also i have a hosting package which included but gets error cannot connect to network storage? any ideas?
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    Dude, cause you didn't read. There's no place in this guide that tells u to use "sudo /etc/hosts" because it isn't a valid command. If you look and read the guide correctly, you would have seen that the exact command is "nano /etc/hosts".

    you probably can't find nano because you didn't do an "apt-get update" before...
  11. can you setup plz ? the management of it we're fine with just setup we struggle
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    I strongly recommend that if you can't setup your own mailserver to just buy a service that offers it.
    Do not trust someone over the internet to setup your mailserver or you will end up like hillary Clinton.
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