Teamspeak3 Webinterface (Server Management)

Discussion in 'Web scripts' started by Ghostrider92, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Ghostrider92

    Ghostrider92 seek and destroy VIP

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  2. willy

    willy Member

    Nice work ! I like the design and it's functional.
    But i don't understand german... It's only for serveradmin ? Or users can create and manage their servers ?
    If there is an english version, i can translate in french ! ;)
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  3. Ghostrider92

    Ghostrider92 seek and destroy VIP

    You can create User and Manage server...
    For Hosting and Sponsoring
  4. Brooke

    Brooke Member

    Possible for me the get a place in the Beta?
  5. Ghostrider92

    Ghostrider92 seek and destroy VIP

    Yes write a pm With the Titel beta and I tell you at start all Infos
  6. Ghostrider92

    Ghostrider92 seek and destroy VIP

    I have add the link for the Mainpage with English translation.
    And yes you can make a french translation ist a good idea ;)
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  7. florian2833z

    florian2833z Member

    What will be the price ?
  8. Ghostrider92

    Ghostrider92 seek and destroy VIP

    We will share it with a gnu v3 licence

    For free ;)
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  9. trex79

    trex79 New Member

    I want to participate in closed betting
  10. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

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  11. jarmenso

    jarmenso New Member

    When will you share ? I wait script :)
  12. Ghostrider92

    Ghostrider92 seek and destroy VIP

    The dev is now at holiday....After his holiday wi finish the panel ;)

    In the First Post can you follow the work ;)
    It's the last 2 Parts :):)
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  13. First-Coder

    First-Coder Active Member

    Hey guys,
    I am the developer from I will finish the wi hopefully on dez this year.

    What is that problem for? Can you pls explain what you really mean and what we could do better?

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  14. doo2doo2

    doo2doo2 New Member

    I am stuck at "loading" after logging in with the demo information.
  15. jarmenso

    jarmenso New Member

    2016 or 2017 :)
  16. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Super Mod

    EDIT: Altough there's no real thing we could do with that, it shows that your using PHP and other people with more knowledge in php versions and exploits (not me, I don't have much experience in session hijacking) might be able to do something with it.
  17. Laszl0w

    Laszl0w Contributing Member

    If some1 steal your PHPSSID they can get loggin in to your account and they can do bad things with your website.
  18. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Super Mod

    It's a bit more complicated than that, isn't it?

    EDIT : I have no experience in hijacking, but I know it could happen with this kind of flaw. How is that possible?
  19. First-Coder

    First-Coder Active Member

    Yeah that´s true.

    If someone get your SSID he has your account and can do terrible things. But it´s the same if someone has your user + password. I am sure for that will be no fix. But if you create a new user he get´s her own special id and the hacker need to hack you id again. And you will now which account was hacking, cause that webinterface has a user.log for all users and there actions ;)

    Yea something fail with the Instanzconnection.. But i just remove that source and it work.. I have already finished the dashboard in the final version :)

  20. Qraktzyl

    Qraktzyl Super Mod

    I didn't really like your answer. You definitely don't give importance to security.
    Just want to warn you , we are a security research team. You are posting an unsecure web application. Our members like to try things. We are not responsible if you get rekt.

    I have a saying of my own: Once you get penetrated, there's no going back.

    You need to register to view spoilers!
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