iBot - Multifunction php bot [AutoPoke/AFK/Automatic Private Channel/Admin list/VIP]

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  1. Rikku1337

    Rikku1337 VIP

    Today, i would like to share this Bot, with the Community.
    iBot [v0.7 Beta]
    Copyright (C) 2017 Piotr 'Inferno' Grencel

    iBot is a bot for teamspeak 3 written in PHP, with use TS3Admin script.
    Functions in 0.5 ver.
    - Advertisement
    - Welcome message
    - Automatic servername
    - Automatic host message
    - Automatic register
    - Admins online on channel description
    - Usersonline
    - Channels on server
    - Clock
    - Rekord online
    - Add rank when user join the channel
    - Bad nick protection
    - AFK checker (Rank / move on channel)
    - Auto poke
    - Top 10 connections
    - Top 10 connections time
    - Automatic private channel
    - Automatic delete private channel
    - Automatic info about update
    - Users from group online on chanel desc
    - Recording protection
    - twitch.tv channel status in channel desc
    - hitbox.tv channel status in channel desc
    - Automatic check premium accounts
    - List of users premium
    - Private channel information
    - Commands (help, meeting, check) UNSTABLE, DO NOT USE IT ON LIVE SERVER
    - Channel protection
    - Server automatic banner in banner folder

    You can all edit in inc/config.php

    Download: https://github.com/inferno211/iBot/releases
    Source: GitHub.com

    Changelog: Update 0.6 Beta
    1. Added commands operating on channels where the topic is 'commander'.
    2. Added the display of information about available private channels and which will be removed within 24 hours.
    3. Added protection channels which blocks the channels and gives access only to a special group.
    4. Added a link to the channel on which they are sitting in the admin list and the list of users in groups.
    5. Added formatting logins in tablets private channels.
    6. Added a sample banner server with automatic server statistics.
    7. More fixed.
    Update 0.7 Beta
    2. Added show AFK status in the list of administrators and user list in the groups.
    3. Minor fixes
  2. XxTopKillerzZ

    XxTopKillerzZ New Member

    I have this bot configured but how can i start that. when I do de comand. /bot. sh start it says a thing in polish(i think) and nothing happens in ts. But the bot work when i run core. php trough my browser but in only run once.

  3. Luk

    Luk New Member

    Maybe try chmod 777 bot.sh
  4. Thalorim

    Thalorim VIP

    can someone setup this for me
  5. kaksimdu

    kaksimdu New Member

    Somebody please translate the config file into english
  6. Some_body

    Some_body New Member

    Did you mean me ? :rolleyes:
  7. Cepkin

    Cepkin Member

    Good jobs. Thenks :)
  8. salamanderhell

    salamanderhell New Member

    Thanks a lot!
    Can someone help me by indicating some tutorial on how to install and operate the bot?
  9. radekp00

    radekp00 New Member

    Good job!
    I have a one question.
    Scrpit didn;t worf for me without one small change:
    In "bot.sh" file on the 10line i change orginal for "screen -dmS $SCREENNAME php5 $EXEC".
    This change have any bad effect?
    Sorry for my the best english, because I'm from Poland
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  10. Floflobel

    Floflobel New Member

    Thank's the bot worked !
    How I can install the web interface ? Just import dump .sql and put in my apache the folder "website" ?
  11. radekp00

    radekp00 New Member

    Change default apache website directory to "/var/www/ibot" (Bot didn't start without this for me), create any database on mysql-server (i prefer use the phpmyadmin) and import the .sql file to your new database, configure login, password, database_name in bot configuration file.
  12. Floflobel

    Floflobel New Member

    Thank's the web interface is paying .. :)
  13. bsleader

    bsleader New Member

  14. Rikku1337

    Rikku1337 VIP

    Yes it would better.
  15. Kooby

    Kooby New Member

    Does not work for my top 10 connections and online bot time updates but does not show up in the user description
  16. Cady1997

    Cady1997 New Member

    sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified
    how can i fix it?
  17. iiOne

    iiOne Member

  18. iiOne

    iiOne Member

    it will be amazing if it was have web interface :rolleyes:
  19. babak2010

    babak2010 New Member

    hey , great work , the bot work ok for me but why core.php don't work ? how can setup web interface ?

    *edit: no one ?
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  20. babak2010

    babak2010 New Member

    I did , but web interface (core.php) didn't work ! is there any tutorial ?

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