Resource Simple & Clean Channel Creator. [Web] 2017-06-26

Simple & Clean Channel Creator. [Web]

  1. Fls

    Fls Member

    Can you add to her plate, such as:
    Remove ranks
    Shut down chat rooms and vice versa
    Look ranks with him
    Are you the type of rum is installed or not installed ...


  2. Whats ? , This its Channel Creator no Rank...
  3. Umar

    Umar Restricted

    he mean the person can stop the ChatRoom and start from the script
    i need it to
  4. Start or stop ? ...

    Only can change max users or password...
  5. Umar

    Umar Restricted

    start and stop the chat he can do that
    i saw this in the web of my freinds
  6. fistor99

    fistor99 New Member

    Error (ID 779) invalid channel order
  7. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Head Moderator

    You need to set the order channel correctly!
    Doesn't have to be a sub channel, but a parent channel!
  8. vupyC

    vupyC New Member

    what is the channel order , I have this error
    Error (ID 779) invalid channel order

    help me please

  9. In config.php

    $order = "6927";

    This its ID OF Channel Or Spacer.
  10. vupyC

    vupyC New Member

    for example, I put id 81
    anyway, I also have this error
  11. Alligatoras

    Alligatoras Head Moderator

  12. Pietro De Lucasz

    Pietro De Lucasz New Member

    It works very well, but something is still missing, such as all configurations in the config.php file.

    I also found some minor security flaw
  13. WHere (? xd
  14. 0x0539

    0x0539 Contributing Member

    You should probably ask @Derp to check your code. :D
  15. SQLException

    SQLException New Member

    The getClientIp() function isn't good at all. It is very simple to hide your IP with a HTTP Header if you use this method in your code.
  16. Yep but, its for free...

    I gonna create in VIP Area good security.
  17. Umar

    Umar Restricted

    can u share with me the script you created to 1 or 2 sub channels ? i need it
  18. Umar

    Umar Restricted

    it's not working with me he say :
    HTTP ERROR 500
    what is the problem?
  19. Vicente

    Vicente New Member

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  20. LucasB

    LucasB New Member

    @EscuderoKevin, It would be possible to edit the boot to make it>
    [cspacer(random)] Channel name
    [*Spacer(random)] _______ (<- tab)

    And make it created in order. The first channel created is always in first the second in second ...
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