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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by LeU5er, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. NathanT

    NathanT New Member

    Have you modified your hosts file with the text from this post?
  2. McWizeV2

    McWizeV2 New Member

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  3. McWizeV2

    McWizeV2 New Member

    Hello sorry to disturb you but I use your crack but my server teamspeak stops after 2h more or less
  4. Taylor1102

    Taylor1102 New Member

    Would this work for hosting multiple servers from one pc and one IP?
  5. LeU5er

    LeU5er Security Researcher VIP

    Of course this is working, just connect to the TeamSpeak 3 server through telnet and create new virtual TeamSpeak 3 servers. This could look like this:
    - telnet <host> <serverquery port>
    - login <serveradmin username> <password>
    - servercreate virtualserver_name=TS3-Server virtualserver_port=9988
    After that you'll get back a serveradmin token and your sid. If you also get this back: "error id=0 msg=ok" everything should be fine.
    E.g. we say you'll get back the sid=3.
    To start the created virtual TeamSpeak 3 server, just type this:
    serverstart sid=3
    To manage the created virtual TeamSpeak 3 server you have to select it.
    use sid=3
    Now you can simply type "help" in there and you'll see all the possibilities.
    Another way is to use e.g. YaTQA. With this you can create multiple virtual TeamSpeak 3 servers easily, too.
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  6. Taylor1102

    Taylor1102 New Member

    Thanks man, you are a hero!
  7. KuBaKoM

    KuBaKoM New Member

    Crack is good, for me it works and worked perfectly no problems after doing correctly all the steps.
    Only i'm greylisted :/
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  8. angeloccrr

    angeloccrr New Member

    If you don't edit etc/host and don't start ./AccoountingServerEmulator -Linux it's normal that your server crash.
  9. anajames

    anajames New Member

    Worked great for me, good crack.
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